Working with teams to help them get better at the things that are important to them.


We spend too much time wrestling with the same problems.

It is what it is. A common phrase that captures the frustration we feel at problems we've got stuck with. At times we all struggle to find a way forward when dealing with complex issues involving individuals, team and clients.

Sensemaking is the process of turning complex business challenges into situations that are clearly understood, and doing it in a way that leads to purposeful action.


In these increasingly fast moving and complex times, I wish we were doing more to help our team work better.

There's never a happy medium. When things are going really well we're stretched too thin and struggle to cope with demand. When things aren't going so well we struggle with the consequences.

Whether being challenged by success or failure teams either come together, play to their strengths and overcome the challenge. Or they move apart, switch to survival mode & start playing the blame game.

We work with Mindflick's Spotlight tools to bring the psychology of elite sport to business, helping teams come together to deliver extraordinary performances.


We're great at executing stuff we didn't plan for. Not so good at sticking to the stuff we did plan for.

How many times have we come out of an offsite planning session feeling that we've nailed the strategy, excited to get after it, only to find a short time later that we've been distracted by the day to day issues.

Is it the planning or the execution that needs to improve? Adaptability is a core skill but so is grit, having the discipline and determination to stick to the plan. We think that planning for interactions rather than outcomes can help bridge the gap between strategy & execution.


These are the things we stand for, the principles that guide us, the challenges we seek.

We think people, especially teams of people, can rise to any challenge. If they get the right support

In sport and business the best performing teams share some common traits. Shared understanding is always high and their performance is rooted in their strengths. They always show appreciation, even under pressure. They create environments that allow their team mates to sometimes get things wrong so that they can really get it right. They have good awareness of their collective blind spots and are skillful at using outsiders to see into their vulnerable spaces. 

We love to play. Games bring out the best in us individually and collectively

In order to do our best work more of the time we need to have super strengths around working in both physical and virtual environments, with cross-functional teams who share distributed knowledge and tools. We naturally demonstrate these strengths when we play games.

Our most important business challenges are hard, long and complex. We can expect to fail many times before we get things right. We're curious how we can help to reframe these challenges in ways that promote active learning and adaptation.

We think that selling is more science, less art. Strong processes land inspiring messages

The problem with plans is the planning, and this is really true when planning sales. Battle plans prepared for distant outcomes in a fixed version of the future can make fools of the best of us. We think that well designed sales processes, supported by planned interactions are more adaptable, get to outcomes faster and sell more value.

Putting the emphasis on emotions and expectations shifts the focus from ourselves to our partners and customers. Processes that build strategic engagements using planned interactions deliver really powerful outcomes.

We believe in the power of wild spaces to provide perspective

It can be all consuming, leading a growing business. When the pressure is on we are less able to sense shifts in context and risk becoming fixed in our thinking. Spending time in nature re-establishes perspective, moves us back toward our strengths and helps us develop more adaptable approaches to meet our challenges and overcome our problems.

Purposefully seeking a physical challenge that tests your limits is a great way to cleanse the soul and hone the spirit.

We don't think it's a zero sum game. We think we can all win if we work together

We know we’re not great at everything and so we work hard to collaborate. We want to deliver the best outcomes and that often means putting ego aside. We don't always need to lead engagements, we're happy to play second fiddle and bring in the best people we know.

We've enjoyed long careers in tech and we feel comfortable in that domain. But we enjoy being made uncomfortable

We all feel most confident when operating in our ‘comfort zone’ but often do our best work when stretched. We love it when we can co-create environments that allow us to challenge ourselves and the people we work with. The results can be surprising.


Two brothers who've been lucky enough to work with each other for significant parts of our careers. We've broken new ground in some crazy places. Been part of the journey as some amazing technology and businesses have moved from emergence to maturity. And been privileged to contribute to some extraordinary teams.

Now we're trying to make the hard won experience count for something and help others on their way. Pullwood Consulting is how we're trying to help people get better at the stuff that's important to them and the teams they lead.

If you can't get Nick on the phone then you'll find him on a touchline, a training pitch or up in the mountains. And if Jon isn't answering, it's because his phone is stuffed in the back pocket of his cycling jersey or buried deep in a bike packing pannier.

Come and hang out with us. We get together every few weeks on a virtual call with some pals and share some ideas. Sometimes we talk nonsense and other times we stumble on stuff that helps us get better.

If you'd like us to let you know when we're hanging out next leave your details and we'll keep you posted.

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Team Member Pic

We love being distracted by cool conversations. Drop us a line and we'll set up a call.

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