Working with teams to help them stay in the 'sweet spot'.


In these increasingly fast moving and complex times, I wish we were doing more to help our team work better.

Our to do' lists are ever-extending, our plans are constantly being revised and more is expected of us at work, at home, individually and collectively. We're told the best teams are adaptable and resilient, but we're seldom told how to develop these qualities in ourselves or the people we work with.

At Pullwood we prefer the practical over the abstract and work with individuals and teams to agree on simple sets of priorities, behaviours that support them and interactions that allow them to be put adaptability into practice.

Adaptability is the capacity to recognise a need to change before responding to this need by adjusting our behaviours or mindset to achieve a goal. The benefits of adaptability centre around performance, mental health, relationships, leadership, and transitions.

We use the tools developed by the folks at Mindflick, drawing on their experience in elite sport. Spotlight uses strengths based thinking to create possibilities for movement and development, starting with a profile that combines mindset with personality to create a performance preference, it turns into a framework for developing adaptability and becomes a way of thinking.

These are some of the problems that might benefit from our practical approach to getting the best out of individuals and teams...

"We've pulled a new team together, they're all new to each other and will be working virtually on a high consequence project. How do we quickly bind them together as a team?"

"We're facing challenging times and it doesn't feel like we're all pulling together. I think we need to improve our culture but I don't know how to get started.

We invest in performance reviews every year, carefully defining individual objectives that support our business goals. And then we revisit the objectives at the next annual review. How do we connect objectives to daily behaviour of individuals & teams?

What does a typical engagement look like?

We start with the SpotlightPROFILE tool, generating individual performance performance profiles and carefully debriefing the results to ensure we're use strengths based thinking and establish common language across the team.

Individual profiles are then contextualised using examples from the team environment and the Anatomy of Strengths model.

Team sessions are then used to build a shared picture of team strengths & blind spots using the Amazon's 'empty chair' and custom built team performance maps.

This process works to build safe connections, promote the sharing of risk and accurate information, and ensure that the individual and team know exactly where they're headed. These are the subtle shifts in individual behaviour and team dynamics that lead to profound outcomes.

Oh and yeah, it's also a lot of fun.

This is where you normally expect to find our office address, how to get there instructions, company details etc.

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